Documentary: Kenniswerk

Brief summary

Kenniswerk (Knowledge work) is a documentary that illustrates the impact of knowledge work and knowledge workers on our present-day working society. This documentary is the third installment of a series called ‘Alles is informatie’ (Everything is information). 

We made the illustrations and animations for this documentary.


Kenniswerk Screenshot


Creating the animated shots while the interviews were taking place simultaneously was no small task. It required weekly meetings with  UmaMedia to review and plan our work and anticipate what the next step would be. It meant we had to sketch, design and animate all our shots in a limited amount of time, so that the shots (animated and live-action) could be edited together in the last week before the dead-line. 

The starting point was a metaphor for borders and restrictions. A feeling that the (operating) systems we use to get things done has restrictions to the way we work. The ‘what’ we want doesn’t change, but ‘how’ we get it has an impact on society. We chose the marble track as a metaphor, because it visualises a goal (the end of the track), but also the system; which is not always as e cient as we want it to be. 



Barbara van den Bogaard 

Camera and sound 
Gerbert Toes & Loes Janssen 

Barbara van den Bogaard 

Post production 
Gerbert Toes 

Eileen Boeijkens & Max Peterse 

Produced by 
UmaMedia in collaboration with Martijn Aslander.
Commissioned by KNVI | SOD 

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