Illustration & Motion Design
Max Peterse
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Project Details

Juuve is a flexible carsharing platform that is ready for the future. Made with Eileen Boeijkens, illustrator and partner in crime.

The concept for this video was 'different lifestyles = different cars', so we came up with 4 characters that each represented a type of transportation. When you are on a roadtrip, on holiday, just doing groceries or going to work: There is an excellent car for any situation. And sometimes, a bike is the better option!

For this project I did the direction, storyboards, character design and animation. Eileen did the backgrounds and co-directed.

A making of can be found here!

About me

doing live art - photo by SPN Media

I mainly work as a freelance motion designer and storyboard artist, but I also develop visual styles for animated (instruction) videos..

I am also more or less active on social channels like Instagram, Dribbble, Vimeo or Twitter. Mostly Instagram though.

I recently co-founded a new studio

It's called LEMON BANDIT, and it will be live soonish.

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If the contact form gives you trouble, you can just e-mail me at this address. Thanks!